Pupils from Clydebank High School will be putting their own twist on the international smash hit musical Hairspray. Set in 1962 at the height of racial segregation in Baltimore, the musical sees Tracy Turnblad defy prejudice and endeavour to dance her way onto national television. Click here for more information.

Tickets on sale Now!

Prom 2018
Thel Senior Prom took place at Boclair House on Wednesday 6 June. Pupils and staff enjoyed a tremendous evening in a beautiful surrounding. Miss Lynam commented: "It was a great night and I am glad to say the seniors were well behaved." Well done to everyone involved for making it another successful evening!

More pictures here!

Awards Ceremony 2018
Our Senior Awards ceremony took place Tuesday 5 June. The evening was an absolute success. Congratulations to all our award winners.

More pictures here.

U18 Football Team
The boys senior football team were victorious in their East Dunbartonshire cup final on Thursday 31 May.. They overcame the odds and their underdog status to defeat the league champions Bearsden Academy 1 nil. The boys put in an incredible performance and effort to triumph. They were a credit to themselves and the school.

More pictures here.

West Dunbartonshire Bloodhound SSC Challenge
A supersonic STEM experience where pupils get to engineer, build and test their own model rocket cars.

The winning team was ‘Team Raptor’ from CHS and they achieved an impressive speed of 52mph! We are heading to the Big Bang event in Perth on 12th June as a result!! We would like to thank all the other WDC schools who attended (VOLA, OLSP, SPTA and Kilpatrick were in attendance), also thanks to Colin McLaughlin and the team from West College Scotland and Gary Murray and the team from DYW West. It was a fabulous day that was enjoyed by all!

P7 Visit
A warm welcome to our visiting P7 pupils from our feeder schools. The pupil visits were held Wednesday 23rd May and Thursday 24th May. Pupils followed their August timetable which gave them an experience of the school before starting in August.

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Health and Wellbeing
Good health and wellbeing is essential for successful learning and happy lives for children and young people. We have been running many activities across the school to help pupils develop the knowledge and skills they need for positive mental, emotional, social and physical wellbeing at school, in their everyday lives which will be sustained into adult life.

Download Newsletter here. 1


Health Day
Pupils from S4 took part in a Health day on Tuesday 15 May and Monday 21 May. Pupils attended a variety of workshops delivered by specialists about particular Health and Wellbeing related topics to support pupils with their experiences and journey through life.

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Space Hack
On 30th April, a group of 24 pupils from the S1 and S2 Technical classes took part in a ‘Space Hack’ working in partnership with architects and designers from Architect Design Scotland. Pupils worked together in groups to design and create innovative learning and social spaces within areas of Clydebank High School. This project is focusing on regenerating the learning and social spaces within Clydebank High School, with pupils driving these developments and leading the way to making Clydebank High School the best it can be! A big well done to all involved! We are extremely proud of your efforts, hard work and commitment. Will we see your designs rolled out in Clydebank High School…watch this space to find out!!



Friends Resilience Programme
Pupils from S1 are taking part in a Friends Resilience Programme. FRIENDS is an intervention programme underpinned by the principles of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy with the primary aim of reducing participant anxiety levels. It has been recognised by the World Health Organisation as the only evidence based programme effective in reducing anxiety as a universal and targeted intervention (WHO, 2004). FRIENDS has also been recommended by the UK Department of Education (Mental Health & Behaviour in Schools: Departmental advice for school staff, 2016).

Family Opportunity Hub
Are you looking to learn new skills, build your confidence, try something new and be all you can be? Clyedbank High School are running a free 6 week training course. More inforamtion here.

Every Wednesday from 16th May 2018 10am -12am

SQA Exams
Senior pupils were issued with SQA timetable which can be downloaded here. Good luck to all our students sitting SQA exams.

Congratulation to our winning team from the YPi Final which took place Tuesday 17 April.

The Youth and Philanthropy Initiative (YPI) is an active citizenship programme that raises awareness amongst young people about philanthropy and their local community. Each participating school, each year is responsible for directing a £3000 YPI Grant to a local charity through a unique programme of team work, research and competition.

Pupils received a cheque for £3000 for Clydebank Asbestos Group, which was the boys chosen charity. The winning team was made up of 4 S3 pupils, Adrian, Micahael, Ethan and Ross. All groups were outstanding and their confidence and presenting skill were excellent. Well done to all finalists!

More information here.

Football News
U18 East Dunbartonshire School League Cup Final will take place Thursday 31 May at Celtic Training centre, Lennoxtown. Kick off 4.15pm. Good Luck to our U18 boys!

Clydebank High School V Bearsden Academy

Duke of Edinburgh Award
14 pupils have just received their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award. It has taken these young people a year to complete all activities. All pupils worked voluntary in our community, giving service back to those in need. Pupils increased their skill set by learning a new skill, from cooking to car mechanics. Read more...

More pictures here.

Choices for Life
Choices for Life visited S1 pupils on Wednesday 31 January. Choices for Life is an innovative diversionary and educational initiative delivered by Police Scotland and funded by Scottish Government. The main objective is to raise awareness amongst young people aged 11-18 about the risks and dangers of substance use and misuse, including smoking, alcohol consumption and drugs.

Live n Learn
Live n Learn visited S3 pupils from Clydebank High School to highlight the importance of confidence. Pupils worked through fun workshops which were motivating, aspirational & highly interactive. Visit Live n Learn website.

Titan Engineering Trust
The Titan Engineering Trust offer a bursary for local pupils applying for engineering courses at Glasgow or Strathclyde university. Applications are due in February with successful pupils selected for interview. See flyer for specific dates and information or contact Mrs Rooney (DHT). Download leaflet here.

SCQF Framework
Clydebank High School teachers and pupils became fully trained SCQF ambassadors. The framework provided by the SCQF team raises awareness of the steps that can be taken both academically and vocationally in order to achieve our goals. It also helps pupils to make informed choices of next steps within school. Look out for SCQF leaflets in parent reports, our information stalls at parents night and keep up to date with our twitter page for SCQF updates.

View CHS video

SQA Website

Anthony Nolan Trust Visit
Offers from the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS) visited Clydebank High School to recruit potential stem cell donors for Anthony Nolan, a charity working to find life-saving matches for patients suffering from blood cancers such as leukaemia.

Whenever a patient with blood cancer or a blood disorder needs a lifesaving stem cell transplant, the trust search the register, looking for someone who’s a genetic match for that patient.

More than 60 pupils signed up to register! This was particularly significant as it meant that the total number of registered donors, coming from the partnership between and Anthony Nolan and The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, hit the 10000!

Another piece of good news was that the partnership between SFRS and Anthony Nolan has just had its 26th match! Great news for someone!

To find out how you can join the Anthony Nolan donor register, or for more information on what is involved in donating bone marrow, visit: www.anthonynolan.org

Young Scot Card
The Young Scot National Entitlement Card is available free of charge to everyone aged 11-25 living in Scotland. Use it for money off the things you love, exclusive rewards, proof of age and much more. Pupils are required to have a Young Scot Card to purchase food in our school canteen. Pupils who require a photograph upgrade can use the following link.

Dressing for Excellence – Staged Improvement
As part of a plan to Dress for Excellence we are targeting specific areas of weakness within the uniform at Clydebank High School. Recently, there has been a strong emphasis on uniform standards across the school, with the focus originally on jeans and trousers. The focus on trousers continues to be successfully tackled by the staff, however, the Pupil Leadership Team have decided to focus on another aspect: Ties. Read more...

Senior Ties are £7
Junior Ties are £6

Nurture Room
Nurture in Clydebank High School is based around six key nurturing principles that not only benefit children and young people most in need, but are principles that, when applied effectively, can support the social and emotional wellbeing of everyone. Read more...

After School Detention
As part of a review of the school’s, Steps to Success, Discipline Policy we are updating our detention system. In an attempt to reduce the number of exclusions, we are introducing after school detention for any pupil who fails to complete lunchtime departmental detention. Parents will be informed if their child has missed departmental detention and the pupil will complete the after school detention the following day. This after school detention will mean your child will remain in school for an additional 20 minutes at the end of the school day. This will be staffed by the Senior Management Team. Read more...

EMAs are available to eligible people aged 16 to 19 who have reached school leaving age. The application forms are being sent to the school from WDC and once I have received them we can add that they can be collected from Pupil Support. Read more...

Youtube Channel
The media club have been working extremely hard over the past week to upload more videos showcasing the talented pupils of Clydebank High School. Check it out here.

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