Remote Learning
Online learning will begin from 9am on Monday, via Google classrooms and our campus@wdc platform and schools will contact you with details. As with the previous closure of schools last year, anyone who requires support during this time or access to equipment should contact their Headteacher at the school/ELCC by telephone or email.

To support you and your child in terms of maintaining good healthy routines during this current lockdown period, we will be delivering online learning as per the school timetable. Young people can check in with their teachers as per their own daily timetable schedules. Classes will begin at 9.00am and conclude at 3.50pm on a Monday and Tuesday and 3.00pm on a Wednesday-Friday. As well as curricular learning, there will also be opportunities for breaks and the chance to make good use of any free time available. This should continue to be a key focus for all young people to support positive health and wellbeing during these challenging times. A good healthy routine will support all young people over these next few weeks and beyond as necessary and I would ask for your full support in ensuring that your child works only to the school day timescale.

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Letter from Laura Mason Chief Education Officer

Accessing Google Classroom
Now that our schools has closed and we have converted to remote learning, you might be wondering how you or your child can access Google Classroom; especially in one computer households or for young people without devices.
Well, accessing Classroom is easier than you think!

Download the Classroom App on a phone or a tablet. Click here for the app on the App Store and here for Google Play Once the app has been downloaded to a phone or tablet, students login with their school accounts and will find an interface that feels very similar to the one they find at school.

Classroom can be opened on Xbox and Playstation. There isn’t an app that the young people can add to their consoles. Instead, they are going to have to use the built-in browsers that come on the two devices. On Xbox, it is Microsoft Edge. On Playstation, it is the “www” browser. Students will probably know how to find the browsers on their consoles, but if not, each one has a search function they can access on the home screen.

Once the browser has been opened:

1. Type in in the URL bar.
2. A prompt for a Google account will appear.
3. Type in your school district email and password – it doesn’t end in and that is ok!
4. The Classroom home screen will open up.

Education & Skills Committee
On Tuesday 12 January, two senior pupils (Amelia Dalziel & Mia Moohan) from the Legal Studies class were invited to participate in a focus group for the Education & Skills Committee at the Scottish Parliament. The focus group, conducted via Zoom, involved pupils from across Scotland contributing their thoughts and opinions about education in Scotland as impacted by Covid-19.

Mr Hamilton commented that "it is important young peoples' voices are heard in the current situation, and this opportunity from the Scottish Parliament was a positive one". Mia, speaking after the meeting, said that "being involved in the focus group was a great experience and a real chance for us to voice opinions and discuss the current situation". And Amelia said "being involved in the focus group was an amazing opportunity to not only share our own opinions, but also to hear about the experiences of others".

Scholar is now available for all pupils in S3 - S6.

Scholar is an online courses for Scotland's schools and colleges. Scholar offer 37 online courses aligned to the SQA curriculum at National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher level. Each course draw on the knowledge and experience of teachers and lecturers working in Scottish schools and colleges to develop the course materials.

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December Newsletter
Read about Clydebank High Schools latest news and events. Our December Newsletter is now avaiable to download.

Foodbank Committee
We were so restricted this year with fundraising events and faced many barriers and hurdles along the way. However, the Foodbank Committee managed to raise £1200 and we received more donations of food items and toys / gifts than ever before!

All donations for the Foodbank and Toybank Appeal were delivered to West Dunbartonshire Community Foodshare last Monday. In previous years we've transported everything using the school mini bus. This year we filled the mini bus, a large van and two cars! We also donated over £400 worth of gift vouchers plus we still have more to drop off (although we're not collecting in any more donations.) The charity has contacted me to say they are still overwhelmed by our donations and to pass on their thanks.

The S6 Foodbank Committee have been amazing – I'm incredibly proud of their determination, commitment and compassion.

A massive Thank You to everyone who supported the Appeal this year – from buying raffle tickets, taking part in the Guess the Sweets in a Jar competition, collecting in and donating money directly to the Toybank, handing in food and toys/gifts and asking family and friends to help as well – we really appreciate it all.

West Dunbartonshire Community Foodshare

Parent Pay (School Shop)
Clydebank High School operate a cashless system using theParent Pay online facility.

The site is a flexible and secure web application which allows parents to make online payments for all their child’s school items, including meals, trips, clubs and uniform..

The School shop is now set up. We will now longer be taking cash at the school office for items. All payments must be paid via parentpay.

Armistice Day Commemorations
Clydebank High School has proudly supported Erskine Hospital for Veterans for many years now, and in normal circumstances senior pupils would attend their Armistice Day commemorations. Sadly, as a result of Covid-19, it was not possible for any CHS pupils to attend this year. However, in absence of this, Mr Hamilton met with Derek Barron (Director of Care at Erskine) and presented a wreath on behalf of pupils, staff and the wider CHS community. Derek commented that “we were sorry not to be able to welcome the pupils this year on Armistice Day, it is appreciated to know their thoughts are with us”.

Children's Rights (Legal Studies)
The CHS Legal Studies class recently participated in an online discussion with Dr. Tracy Kirk from Glasgow Caledonian University. Tracy, who is a legal academic with expertise in children’s rights, chatted with the S6 pupils about current issues facing young people in education – exam results, blended-learning, Covid-19 and much more… Mr Hamilton commented that “we are incredibly grateful to Dr. Kirk, she is a real advocate for the rights of young people”.

Astronomy Newsletter
11 pupils from Clydebank High recently received their GCSE Astronomy certificates form the 2019-2020 academic year with all students receiving a qualification. They were the first Astronomy class in Clydebank High School and one of only a few schools in the whole of Scotland currently doing the course. The pupil’s studied a range of topics throughout the year which included star formation, stellar evolution, the celestial sphere, the big bang theory and early astronomy in historical societies, just to name a few.

As well as learning the theory behind astronomy the class took part in many experiments involving the school’s solar and optical telescopes and also undertook a wide variety of projects that were required for the course. The Physics department is very proud of these pupils who managed to complete the course despite the interruptions to their learning.

The course is running again this year and is open to any S5/6 pupil regardless of their previous subject choices and is a great choice for anyone wanting to learn more about the Cosmos.


Cyber Live Event 2020
This year has brought great change to the way we work, as well as where and how we work – sharing data differently, utilising old tech and user-owned devices and shifting information and conversation to the cloud.

Over the next few months pupils from Computing Science will take part in 4 Live Cyber Security Challenges. These practical classes will enhance pupils digital skills, allow pupils to ask the experts how it’s really done, and also showcase the careers available in the cyber security and resilience industry, one of the fastest growing sectors in the world today.

How to Solve a Murder
Pupils stepped into the shoes of a digital detective and seen how they could use their digital skills to solve a crime. Starting with the investigation by collecting, identifying and validating the digital evidence and see if they could catch the criminal. All pupils successfully solved the murder and helped the police department make an arrest!

Check out the pictures here!

How to Steal a Pizza
In this live lesson, learners stepped into the shoes of a cyber security consultant and helped a national pizza restaurant test their website’s security. They'll work together to detect and analyse real-life security issues and understand how these could be exploited by cyber criminals.


Heritage Ambassadors
The Heritage Ambassador scheme at CHS was officially launched on Friday 18 September, when the senior pupils involved for 2020/21 participated in a local history tour. As part of the tour they visited various locations relevant to the history of Clydebank, including the memorial to the Clydebank Blitz and the site of the former John Brown’s shipyard.

The role of a CHS Heritage Ambassador is to promote and preserve the heritage of Clydebank High School and its connections with the local/national community. In previous years this has included supporting the work of organisations such as the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, Poppy Scotland, Old CHS and Erskine Hospital for Veterans (to name a few).

Senior Leadership Team
The head boy/girl and house captains have been awarded a role of responsibility and trust. They will manage the house teams, undertake ambassadorial duties, be aspiring role models, represent the voice of the pupils and much more.

S6 Senior Leadership Team


New Physical Education Arrangements
Whilst lockdown brought a number of challenges for us, many of us were able to enjoy greater time spent outdoors, and changes to the way we exercise.

As our schools return, the advice from the Scottish Government and Sports Scotland is that PE activities should take place outside. We would ask that when your child has PE on their timetable that they come to school that day dressed in clothing that they can do PE in. Should they wish to change into other clothes after PE, they will be able to do so.

The weather in Scotland will at times make PE outside difficult, so we would ask that your child also comes to school with a rain jacket and a change of clothes. Should they get wet whilst doing PE, there will be facilities made available for them to change. If coming to school with a rain jacket will be a problem, we’d ask you to contact your child’s Pastoral Care teacher to discuss the matter.

This is quite a change for us in our approach to PE, and we will keep you up to date with any changes to this as we are advised by Scottish Government and Sports Scotland.

In addition pupils should bring roll on deodorants to school as opposed to spray deodorants.
























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