S1 Parents1 Evening
Our first formal Parents' Evening of the session will take place on Tuesday 24th September from 4pm - 6.30pm. Parents' Evenings give you the opportunity to find out your child's progress in all subject areas and for you to ask any questions you may have about your child's learning at Clydebank High.

Clydebank High School operates an online booking system for making appointments on Parents Evenings. The booking system is available by following the link below.

CHS Law Society
New for 2019/20, is the CHS Law Society. An opportunity open to any senior pupil interested in pursuing a legal career after leaving school. Throughout the school year the pupils involved will have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of events and activities related to the study of law. Mr Hamilton from the History Dept is the lead teacher for the CHS Law Society and he commented that "this a wonderfully unique opportunity for pupils, and a chance for them to develop skills which will prepare them for a potential legal career in the future".

Senior Leadership Team
A key aspect of the work of the school is supported by out Pupil Voice. The views of the student body are regularly consulted in all aspects of school life. This work is led by the Students Leadership Team (SLT).

Free Breakfast
CHS are committed to ensuring that every pupil gets the best start to their day. We are offering every pupil a free breakfast every day from 8.15am. Pupils are enjoying bagels, butter, jam, yoghurt, variety of fresh fruit and fresh fruit juice. It is so important that all pupils are ready to learn at the start of the school day. We hope that this will improve learning and a better classroom experience for all. Read more informationi here.

PCR Workshop at Glasgow University
On September 3rd, 24 of our Higher Human Biology pupils participated in the PCR Workshop at Glasgow University. It was a very practical intensive day where pupils used lab techniques such as PCR, Gel Electrophoresis and DNA Sequencing to diagnose two Patients with different strains of HSV. Pupils enjoyed the hands-on experience and a glimpse into what undertaking a degree in a biological subject could look like.

BAE Roadshow
CHS was incredibly proud and lucky to be chosen as the showcase school for the BAE roadshow. The theme was about Digital Communication and Technology, with lots of interesting and interactive activities. The roadshow highlighted lots of careers using digital technology to communicate and also covered career options like engineering, in the Royal Navy, The Royal Airforce and BAE Systems themselves.

Poppy Bud Truck
The Poppy Scotland bud visited Clydebank High School on Wednesday 28 August. The 'Bud' is an interactive learning space, designed to highlight the importance of remembrance and the heritage of the poppy. Poppyscotland's 'Bud' a truck that transforms into a contemporary exhibition.

Chef Gary MacLean visits Clydebank High School
On Thursday 20th June, S4 Hospitality pupils had the opportunity of a lifetime when Masterchef: The Professional's winner and Executive Chef 'Gary MacLean' came to visit them here at the school. Gary spent the afternoon inspiring the pupils with his wealth of knowledge and culinary experience and giving them tips on how to be successful. He then demonstrated two outstanding dishes 'Pan seared loin of venison, raw spiced and caramelised cauliflower, oats, nuts and brambles' followed by 'Chocolate fondant pudding with strawberry compote'. The pupils were given the chance to taste the food made by the award-winning chef with many of them commenting that it was the best food they had ever tasted. This experience will live with our pupils forever and has given many of them a clear direction for their career. Gary is Executive Chef within the 'Faculty of Hospitality and Leisure' at Glasgow City College and the pupils had the opportunity to find out what further education courses were on offer there. We are very grateful to Gary and his team for supporting our pupils at the school and continuing to inspire the next generation of young chef's.
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Digital School Awards
Clydebank High School have been rewarded for their efforts to integrate digital technology across the curriculum.

Digital Schools Award programme was developed to support, encourage and recognise schools in their efforts to integrate digital technology across the curriculum. Schools awarded Digital School status will demonstrate, among other things, the presence of a whole school digital strategy, evidence of how digital technology is being used to improve learning, and a commitment to ongoing professional learning for teachers.

Sports Day & Breakfast
All pupils from S2 were delighted to receive a delicious and nutritious breakfast during period 1 on Wednesday 22 May. Clydebank High School is committed to raising awareness of health and wellbeing throughout the school. A selection of healthy snacks which included wholemeal bagels, fruit and yogurts, were served to all S2. View more pictures here.

Pupils from S2-S4 took part in their annual sports event. This included variety of activities such as, javelin, 100 metres, 200 metres, high jump and long jump. The finals for our sports event will take place Friday 31 May. View more pictures here.

Health and Wellbeing
The purpose of health and wellbeing is to help every child and young person to feel cared for and valued as an individual. Learning about health and wellbeing will help them cope with uncertainties in life, have confidence to try new and different things and make the most of opportunities that come along. Read more...

CHS Health and Wellbeing Strategy

Mental Health Strategy

Health & Wellbeing Newsletter

EMAs are available to eligible people aged 16 to 19 who have reached school leaving age. The application forms are being sent to the school from WDC and once I have received them we can add that they can be collected from Pupil Support. Read more...

Nurture Room
Nurture in Clydebank High School is based around six key nurturing principles that not only benefit children and young people most in need, but are principles that, when applied effectively, can support the social and emotional wellbeing of everyone. Read more...

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