CHS Bring the Talent
Auditions for CHS Christmas Talent Show will take place Friday 16th, Monday 19th, Tuesday 20th at lunchtime. To participate in the school talent show speak to Mrs Sabba, Miss MacLeod or Mr Jewell. With the final show held on Thursday 22nd December. The final is ticketed event only, tickets only available the week before and will be the only way to get out of class. Senior Pupils must be aware that this is only in agreement with their teacher and if they have not completed requested work then they will not be able to go to the show.

Live Auditions 50p entry

Final Show £1 (Ticket Only)

Supported Study
Supportive study is designed to motivate, support and challenge pupils. Please encourage your child to attend supportive study. Attached supported study timetable.

Senior Prelims
Our main diet of Senior Prelim exams start on Tuesday 10th January and will run until Monday 23rd January. There will be a program of study available during the exam diet which all pupils can attend to aid success in their exams. Please click here to access the timetable.

Christmas Jumper Day
This year the official Christmas Jumper Day is on the 16th of December and we would like to invite all of Clydebank High School to join in. Pupils give £1 to raise money for the local food bank and can wear a festive jumper of your choice.

Book Week Competition
Congratulations to Jenna McLaren, winner of Clydebank High School Book Week Competition. Also well done to runner up Lauren McRoberts.

Pila 2017
Clydebank High School will be running a ski trip for Junior School to the Italian Alps in March 2018. The cost of the trip is £620 – this includes all flights, transport, accommodation, meals, ski lessons and ski hire. All ski levels welcome even if you have never skied before. If you are interested letters are available from Pastoral Support base and also from Mr Downs, Mr Hunter and Ms Thumath.

Technologies IDL
Pupils in S3 came off timetable to carry out their technologies IDL project. IDL is a planned approach to learning, which uses links across different subjects or disciplines to enhance learning. Pupils visited Business Studies, Computing Science, Home Economics and Technical. Each department created a fun filled lesson full of practical and engaging, team building tasks. Lessons took the form of Programming using Microbits in Computing Science, baking shortbread in Home Economics, Marketing and Costing in Business Studies and design and production of a basket to hold the shortbread in Technical. Initial feedback suggests pupils have enjoyed their experience, gaining new skills and knowledge.

Disneyland 2018
The Computing Department are organising a fantastic trip to Orlando, Florida. This is a very exciting trip that has been planned for 18th June 2018 and will be for 7 days in International Drive, Orland Florida. The trip will cost £1500 (approx.). This includes flights, accommodation, all meals, all park and attraction access and activities. An exact price will be provided around January. There are fundraising activities planned over the course of the two years to help bring the cost down. Payments can be made at any point over the 2 years. Please speak to Ms Dornan or Mrs Lumsden from the Computing department for more information.

Jupiter Art land Sculpture Park
On 13th October; Higher ART & DESIGN students had a great opportunity to visit Jupiter Art land Sculpture Park, near Edinburgh. This free workshop allowed students to see sculptures in their natural setting. Land artist; Charles Jenks grass forms were unusual and reminded students of telly tubby land!!! In contrast the surreal bronze sculptures of five lost looking Victorian girls; by artist ; Laura Ford spooked our students!!! After lunch; students were inspired to make their own mini sculpture using clay…the only problem was transporting them back home!!! Well done to all involved!

We are very pleased our senior pupils have been invited to apply to the Titan Engineering Trust again this year. This trust offers funding to a successful pupil who goes on to study an Engineering discipline at either Glasgow or Strathclyde university. Some S6 pupils have already given me a note of interest and I would encourage any more pupils applying to these courses to speak with me. For more information about the trust please visit their website

Sicily 2016
Our Sicily trip earlier this month has been voted 'trip of a lifetime' by pupils! We had a full day exploring the very active Mount Etna volcano after riding in the cable We paddled and swam in the beautiful Alcantara Gorge and had a chance to try the different (and very tasty) nut butters that are a speciality on the island. Our toughest day was the boat trip and hike to the crater rim on Vulcano island in blistering temperatures. The view over the other Aeolian Islands was stunning but the volcanic eggy smell was disgusting! Our hard work was rewarded with a chillout day at the fantastic Etnaland water park. More pictures here.

Paris 2017
30 girls attended a team building session at CHS on Sunday 8 October. The girls enjoyed a delicious lunch from McMonagles Fish boat, followed by team building activities and finishing off with a treasure hunt around the school. Ms Dornan, Mrs Lumsden and Miss Kelly along with 30 S2 and S3 pupils will be flying out to Paris February 2017 to visit Disneyland.

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Bullying occurs once every seven minutes. That means that while you complete this questionnaire, it is likely that at least one bullying incident will have occurred. Please take 5 minutes to complete the following questionnaires:

Bullying questionnaire – parents

Bullying questionnaire – pupils

Bullying questionnaire – staff

National Poetry Day
To celebrate National Poetry Day the school library set up a ‘make your own poem’ board where pupils could create and change their own poems as often as they liked throughout the day. Pupils who visited the library on Thursday were encouraged to write a short poem on a post-it note which S6 library assistants then made into a ‘Message in a bottle’ display for the library’s poetry books. In conjunction with the English department the library also set up poetry postcard classes where S1 pupils wrote messages to S6 pupils, and S5 pupils wrote their messages to S2 pupils. The library also organised a postcard exchange for staff members who were given the opportunity to send a positive message to any other member of staff during National Poetry Day itself.

S2 Orienteering at Mugdock Country Park
What started as a wet and horrible morning cleared to become a dry bright day. Pupils had a fantastic time using their new map reading skills to find their way round the basic orienteering course at Mugdock Country Park. Some groups really went for the prize and scorched round the course in record beating time. Others decided to go at a more leisurely pace and enjoy the route and scenery along the way. Well done to everyone who took part!

On Friday 16th September 38 pupils along with Mr Anderson, Mr Hamilton, Mr Hand and Mr Coates headed off to Barcelona. After leaving the school at 3am we made our way to Edinburgh Airport in preparation for our 6:30am flight to Barcelona. Upon arrival in Barcelona we quickly noticed the temperature had increased by around 20 degrees and there was a strange yellow thing in the sky, the sun!! We then boarded our coach and made the 80min journey to our accommodation for the duration of our trip, Cambrils Park Resort in Salou. After a quick lunch it was off to Futbol Salou for our first training session. Read more...

National 5 River Trips
Our National 5 pupils each spent a day out of school exploring different parts of the River Gryffe. This allowed pupils to work in teams using fieldwork techniques to collect river data. This information will be used to produce the N5 assignments which are an important part of the N5 exam. We were really lucky with the weather and with the exception of some soggy wellies only day 3 pupils seemed to want to be soaking wet all day. It turns out that the water in the River Gryffe is REALLY cold! What a bunch of crazies!!

Youtube Channel
The media club have been working extremely hard over the past week to upload more videos showcasing the talented pupils of Clydebank High School. Check it out here.

School Uniform
Please ensure your son/daughter is correctly kitted out with the approprate uniform for next session. For school blazers please visit Academy Uniform.

For full uniform information click here.


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