Senior Prelims 2019
The Senior Phase Preliminary Examinations of National 5, Highers and Advanced Highers will take place from Monday 2 December 2019 – Thursday 19 December 2019. Good luck to all pupils sitting their prelim exams.


Prelim Information

P7 Transition
Making the move from primary to secondary school is a very important transition point in a pupil's education. Clydebank High School welcomed our feeder primary schools on Thursday 21 and Friday 22 November. Pupils enjoyed working on literacy, numeracy and STEM activities. Click here to view the action.

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Visit to Scottish Parliament
On the 15th November, pupils from the CHS Law & Debating Society were invited to attend a ‘Language in Parliament’ event at the Scottish Parliament. The day consisted of various workshops and a tour of the parliament building. Pupils learned about the processes which allow the Scottish Parliament to function and met with a range of staff from government advisors to speech-writers.

Both Mr Hamilton (History Dept) and Mrs Ryan (English Dept) who accompanied the pupils commented that attending the ‘Language in Parliament’ event was “very worthwhile” with “pupils representing Clydebank High School wonderfully”. More information about the CHS Law & Debating Society is also available on Twitter (@CHS_LDSociety).

Digital Day 2019
S3 pupils from Computing Science and Games Design took part in BIMA Digital Day on Tuesday 12 November 2019. Clydebank High teamed up with Screenmedia to tackle the digital challenges set out for the day. It was a great event which really helped our young people to collaborate, innovate and work with local companies who are able to open their eyes to the flexible and dynamic careers in the industry.

Ian Forsyth visits Clydebank High School
On the 6th November, Ian Forsyth, a veteran of the Second World War visited Clydebank High School to meet with the S6 Heritage Ambassadors. A wireless operator with the 15th/19th King's Royal Hussars in the Royal Armoured Corps, Mr Forsyth was one of the first to arrive at Bergen-Belsen concentration camp as it was being liberated - the memories of which remain with him to this very day.

These memories which Mr Forsyth spoke of during his visit have been captured on video by the Heritage Ambassadors as part of a living-history project; memories which are both poignant and harrowing…

“In war you witness first-hand the depths to which humanity can sink. I was thunderstruck by what I saw – it was the first time that I realised exactly why we were fighting the war. On that day, I saw something which I did not believe could have been true [talking about Bergen-Belsen].”

“When we passed nearby villages after we left Bergen-Belsen, we tried to find out more about how this could be allowed to happen, but people said they knew nothing, which was impossible.”

“That day changed me forever. I will never forget what happened there and the sights that I saw still make me weep.”

Cyber Live Lesson
Pupils from S2 Computing Games Design class stepped into the shoes of a cyber criminal on Thursday 3 October. In the live lesson, pupils stepped into the shoes of a cyber security consultant to help a national pizza restaurant test their website's security. Along with Clydebank High School's Digital Ambassadors pupils successfully worked together to detect and analyse real-life security issues, and understand how these could be exploited by cyber criminals.

Our young ethical hackers are looking forward to the Cyber Skills Live Lesson 2 - How to solve a 'murder' - Digital Forensics which will take place Friday 29 November.

Health and Wellbeing
We want all children and young people to be able to learn about health and wellbeing to ensure they acquire skills to live healthy, happy lives. Health and wellbeing isn't a single subject or class, but is organised into six areas: mental, emotional, social and physical wellbeing; planning for choices and changes; physical education, physical activity and sport; food and health; substance misuse; and relationships, sexual health and parenthood. Health and wellbeing is also about ensuring that pupils are able to make the most of their educational opportunities regardless of their background or financial circumstances and through promotion of attendance at school. We have provided a range of resources to ensure children feel happy, safe, included and respected in their learning environment.

CHS HWB Strategies

CHS Mental Health

HWB Assembly

Digital Support for Mental Health

Mental Health Foundation

Heritage Ambassadors (Local History)
On Friday 4 October, some of the CHS Heritage Ambassadors participated in a local history tour of Clydebank. Visiting various places within the town, they considered the role Clydebank played as a former industrial powerhouse within the United Kingdom, as well as the devastating impact of the Blitz during World War Two, 13 & 14 March 1941. Places visited included the Dalnottar & Radnor Park Blitz Memorials and various streets in Dalmuir which still bear the scars of the aerial bombardment. During the tour, the Heritage Ambassadors also responded to an emergency situation when a member of the local community collapsed. Their prompt action and calm response made all the difference to what was an emergency situation. The entire CHS community is incredibly proud and grateful to each and every one of them.

Scottish Enterprising Maths Challenge
Congratulations to Emma, Katie, Ryan and Aaron, who won the Regional Qualifier of the Scottish Enterprising Maths Challenge. These pupils worked effectively as part of a team to complete various puzzles and challenges using their Mathematical knowledge and problem solving skills, beating 6 other teams from secondary schools across the authority. The pupils will now advance to the Finals at Glasgow Science Centre in November, where they will represent West Dunbartonshire Council, competing against schools from all around Scotland.

Heritage Ambassador
Newly launched for 2019/20, is the S6 Heritage Ambassador scheme. The pupils who successfully applied to be part of the scheme have already began to volunteer their time with organisations such as Poppy Scotland, the Commonwealth War Graves Commission and Erskine Hospital for Veterans. Be sure to look out for some of their fantastic achievements in our newsletter and in future editions.

CHS Law Society
New for 2019/20, is the CHS Law Society. An opportunity open to any senior pupil interested in pursuing a legal career after leaving school. Throughout the school year the pupils involved will have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of events and activities related to the study of law. Mr Hamilton from the History Dept is the lead teacher for the CHS Law Society and he commented that "this a wonderfully unique opportunity for pupils, and a chance for them to develop skills which will prepare them for a potential legal career in the future".

Polish Visitors to CHS
On the 18th September, the S6 Heritage Ambassadors at Clydebank High School welcomed guests from ZSO Sochaczew School in Poland. After touring CHS and visiting a wide range of classes, the group went to Solidarity Plaza where History Teacher Mr Hamilton, Martin Docherty MP and Lord Provost William Hendrie explained the unique history which bonds the people of Clydebank and Poland. In particular, the heroic actions of Polish sailors on-board ORP Piorun which was docked in Clydebank, and returned fire at the German Luftwaffe during the aerial bombardment.

Senior Leadership Team
A key aspect of the work of the school is supported by out Pupil Voice. The views of the student body are regularly consulted in all aspects of school life. This work is led by the Students Leadership Team (SLT).

Free Breakfast
CHS are committed to ensuring that every pupil gets the best start to their day. We are offering every pupil a free breakfast every day from 8.15am. Pupils are enjoying bagels, butter, jam, yoghurt, variety of fresh fruit and fresh fruit juice. It is so important that all pupils are ready to learn at the start of the school day. We hope that this will improve learning and a better classroom experience for all. Read more informationi here.

PCR Workshop at Glasgow University
On September 3rd, 24 of our Higher Human Biology pupils participated in the PCR Workshop at Glasgow University. It was a very practical intensive day where pupils used lab techniques such as PCR, Gel Electrophoresis and DNA Sequencing to diagnose two Patients with different strains of HSV. Pupils enjoyed the hands-on experience and a glimpse into what undertaking a degree in a biological subject could look like.

BAE Roadshow
CHS was incredibly proud and lucky to be chosen as the showcase school for the BAE roadshow. The theme was about Digital Communication and Technology, with lots of interesting and interactive activities. The roadshow highlighted lots of careers using digital technology to communicate and also covered career options like engineering, in the Royal Navy, The Royal Airforce and BAE Systems themselves.

Poppy Bud Truck
The Poppy Scotland bud visited Clydebank High School on Wednesday 28 August. The 'Bud' is an interactive learning space, designed to highlight the importance of remembrance and the heritage of the poppy. Poppyscotland's 'Bud' – a truck that transforms into a contemporary exhibition.

EMAs are available to eligible people aged 16 to 19 who have reached school leaving age. The application forms are being sent to the school from WDC and once I have received them we can add that they can be collected from Pupil Support. Read more...

Nurture Room
Nurture in Clydebank High School is based around six key nurturing principles that not only benefit children and young people most in need, but are principles that, when applied effectively, can support the social and emotional wellbeing of everyone. Read more...

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