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Pupils take art in S1 and S2 and are offered Art twice a week. Art concentrates on developing basic skills in drawing, painting, observing and producing artwork to the best of a pupil's ability. It introduces pupils into the art course. The course falls into three main elements:

Expressive: covers skills in drawing, painting, printmaking and sculpture.

Design: takes a problem solving approach to areas of design such as graphics, product, fashion and environmental design.

Critical: the study of the work of artists and designers relevant to the practical work being undertaken.

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It's not uncommon for people to question why the subject of Art & Design is taught in schools. After all, it's only about doing wee drawings and “colouring-in “ - isn't it?? Well actually no, it's much more important than that.
The purpose of Art & Design in the school curriculum is to try and encourage young people to be creative and to look at the world in different ways. It's also important in giving youngsters the opportunity to express themselves and show their feelings about themselves, their experiences and their environment.

Creativity is one of our most important skills. Look around you – everything man made surrounding you, is the product of creative minds. The clothes we wear, the household goods we use, the cars we drive, the buildings we live and work in, the magazines and books we read, the output from our radios, TV's, computers – and the list goes on! Virtually everything we enjoy and use is the product of some creative person's imagination.

The world we live in today relies on creative thinking people coming up with the bright ideas which will help create the wealth and success of our tomorrows. Art & Design is at the very root of this. Oh – and it's also a lot of fun!!

Departmental Expectations

There are a number of expectations in the Art & Design pupil contract. Two of the most important are

  • Bring to class reference materials relevant to unit themes and understand that research work of this type should be done in pupil's own time
  • Ensure that pupils work at a apace that will allow them to meet all reasonable deadlines set by their teacher.
Further information
Any member of the Art staff will be happy to give you more information and you can also find details about Art & Design work in the Art & Design department section of the school website. You can also get more info on Art & Design National Qualifications on the SQA website.


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