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All S1 pupils have been studying Business for 1 period a week for the last year. If you enjoyed the course, or even part of the course you may wish to study the subjects in the Business Depart-ment for 3 periods per week. It may be that you enjoyed using a computer for most of the class time, or that you are interested in becoming a famous business-man like Richard Branson.

Business Management offers pupils an opportunity to develop a range of employability skills as well as scope to develop their knowledge and un-derstanding of how a business oper-ates. Studying Business you will learn about different types and sizes of British organisations from the small-est one man businesses to the giant multinationals like BP and Coca Cola. You will learn about customer Care, Business Ethics, Finance, Marketing and Advertising.

Do you enjoy using a computer while in school. This subject will teach you a range of ICT skills in-cluding Word Processing, Data-bases, Spreadsheets and Power point presentations. These all all great skills to learn—they can help you get a job when you leave school and they will also help you with your other subjects

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