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S1 Course Game Based Learning
Our new exciting Curriculum for Excellence course is learning themed around Mario Kart. Our objective is to entice pupils into learning, link their learning to enjoyable activities and demonstrate that there is learning in every aspect of life and game playing. Elements of learning in our course are described below and are interspersed throughout the year with short team building experiences using Mario Kart. Pupils will visit the Computing department 1 period a week. Click here for full Course Descriptor.
Sample Logos Sample Characters
Sample Websites Sample Podcasts


S2 Computing
The computing department offer 2 new exciting courses which will develop skills from S1.

Computer Science Games Design


S3 Computing Science
Continuing from S2 pupils will expand their knowledge and understanding of more exciting topics.

The Law and the Environment
Low-level operations and computer architecture
Scripting and Mark-up Language (Using Javascript and HTML)
Developing Software using Visual Basic
Reading and Interpreting Code