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Welcome to the computing department of Clydebank High School. Computers and Information and Communications Technology (ICT) are almost a natural everyday aspect of our life.

You will want to do and enjoy Computing Studies if you have an interest in it and if you want to take the subject later on in school and if you know or have it as an option as a career.

Survey - You opinion counts!

Please take a few minutes to complete the surveys below:

S1 Survey - Mario Kart

S2 Survey - Computing Science       S2 Survey Games Design

S3 Survey - Computing Science       S3 Survey Games Design

Senior Survey - Computing Science (Higher & Nat 5)

Senior Survey - Nat 4

Department News

Everthing is Awesome

Pupils created lego creations and programmed to perform in different ways.

Outside Learning
Pupils from the computing department took advantage of the sunshine, making use of our outside classroom. Lewis, Connor and Charlie have finally learned to write the 4 steps of the Fetch Execute Cycle! Check it out here!

Coding News

Thinking of a career change in 2016 but not sure if computer programming is for you? The late Steve Jobs once said he believed everybody should learn how to program a computer because it teaches us how to think. As Jobs suggested learning to code can do more than just open the doors to a career as a software developer, learning the basics of a programming language can improve problem solving skills, encourage creative thinking and increase efficiency when working with technology. Click here for more information.

Inside a computer

Pupils in S3 became computer technicians when they go the chanec to remove components from old computers within the department.

Subjects Offered
All S1 pupils have 1 period of Computing (Mario Kart) per week

Pupils personalise in S2 and can choose:
Computing Science (Technologies Column - 3 periods per week)
Games Design (Elective Column - 3 periods per week)

Senior Phase:
Computing Science (National 4/5)
Computing Science (Higher)
NPA Computer Games Design (Level 4/5/6)
NPA Digital Media Computing (Level 5)

Mrs Sabba (PT)
Mr Anderson
Mrs Lumsden
Mrs McNeil
Ms Dornan

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