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Clydebank High School S1-S3 Broad General Education

The aim of the course is to build English skills in reading, writing, talking and listening. Throughout the course we cover a wide range of fiction and non-fiction texts. Pupils have timetabled library visits to introduce them the Clydebank High School library as well as to access information and to develop research skills. This information is used to write reports, projects and discursive essays. Comprehension skills are developed through analysis of the writer’s craft and through close reading. Grammar, punctuation and spelling skills are consolidated and developed. Pupils develop their listening skills in group discussion. They also learn, develop and consolidate their critical listening skills through media texts and documentaries.

We encourage our young people to become positive individuals by their participation in group and solo-talk; these skills are part of the BGE. Pupils are given the opportunity to participate in the debating club which is one of the extra-curricular activities the English Department offers. Pupils are given the opportunity to participate in interdisciplinary projects in the BGE.

The assessment in the BGE reflects Curriculum for Excellence by giving the pupils a voice in deciding with their teacher their next steps on the road to success. Pupils receive regular oral or written feedback in order to develop their skills.

Good work folders are given to the pupils in order to record their best work; the folders are used in S1, S2 and S3. These allow teachers to record the progress of each individual in their BGE and allow pupils to reflect on their own progress. .

Writing Text
Alliteration Writing and Different Text
Arguments Writing Dialogue
Fairy Tales Writing a Leaflet
Kids Stories Writing a Newspaper Article
Letters Writing Poems
Making a Speech Writing a Play
Proverb Matching Game Writing Stories
Similes Staff list of favourite poems
Words and Spelling
English Games Reading
Literature Comprehension Spelling
Mnemonics Spelling Test
Grammar and Punctuation