Welcome to Home Economics. Home Economics is a subject that teaches pupils essential and important lessons for life through studying relative topics and practical experience. Hospitality is a sub-topic of Home Economics covering same units but going into depth more of hygiene and food preparation.

Department Location
Home economics is located on the ground floor and it has 6 classrooms

Department Staffing
Ms J Nicholson PT
Mrs L Farrell
Miss Thomson

Homework Policy
Homework is given from S1-S6 if pupils decide to continue with Home Economics.

Homework for S1/S2 cover a range of technological activities. For S3/S4 they cover 3 elements; Knowledge and Understanding, Handling of Information and Organisational skills in textile and food. S5/S6 can take sub-topics of Home Economics such as; Hospitality and Health and Food Technology, the homework covers the same topics just into more depth.

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