Welcome to the Modern Languages Department.

Modern Languages Department - Homework Policy.

In the Modern Languages Department, we issue several types of homework, one of the most important of which is learning. We view learning vocabulary and grammar points as vital building blocks in the process of acquiring a language, and see these homework tasks as central to our aim of raising standards and of helping every pupil to achieve his or her potential.

Consequently, learning tasks are given regularly for homework and checks are carried out in class to make sure that pupils are meetings these learning targets. There are not tests, as such, but are a way of determining whether the learning has been done. Pupils are therefore given a homework demerit if it appears obvious that not enough time has been spent on the task. These will soon be advised as Learning Alerts.

Homework will always be set at a suitable level for the class, and pupils are given strategies to help with their learning as well as advice on how much time to spend on it. In addition, staff are always available to offer support if it is needed.