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Welcome to the Science Department webpage! Right from the very start we want pupils to enjoy, be enthused, and be interested in Science.

The department provides a centre of excellence in scientific, technological, enterprising and vocational education.

The department is active in contributing to local and national developments within science and encourage young people to pursue science beyond 16. This will provide pupils with appropriate learning pathways so that they develop the skills needed to be active citizens within an increasingly scientific world and to progress into employment, further training and higher education according to their individual abilities, aptitudes and ambitions.

In science you will spend 12 weeks studying each of the discreet science subjects.

S1 Biology:
You will learn how you are made by looking into your cells. Looking through the microscope you will discover the world of tiny microscopic creatures that you didn’t even know were there. We all know that plants are important…but do you know how much? S1 Biology will teach you all about photosynthesis and why we couldn’t survive without plants!

S1 Chemistry: You will get the chance to learn all about chemicals, how they react with each other and be introduced to the periodic table of elements. You will learn valuable life skills and be able to cure anyone stung by a wasp (or a bee) with your knowledge of acids and alkalis.

S1 Physics: Will putting a jacket on a snowman make him last longer? S1 Physics will provide you with the answer! You will learn all about heat. You will also be introduced to the world of forces and gravity…why do we float in space? After all that you will learn about renewable energies and even get to use a working wind turbine! You might even build and fire a rocket!

At the end of S1 you will have the opportunity to choose an elective science course. Find out more in the discreet science areas of our website!

S2 Core Science
S2 Biology: You will discover all about the biodiversity of the world, and why some animals look the way they do. You will then look into how babies are born. Finally you will look more closely into the human body and why your heart beats, what happens when you breathe in and also what happens when you eat!

S2 Chemistry: You will build on knowledge gained from S1 chemistry and look closer into the world of elements and the periodic table. You will focus on making and naming compounds, growing crystals and even get to build batteries using fruit! If that’s not exciting enough you will also get to dig deep and discover what our planet is made of.

S2 Physics: You will become a Cadet at Clydebank High Space School where you will learn all about electricity and how to wire up circuits, how we see and how light and colour works. Finally you will go beyond planet Earth and look in to the mysteries of our solar system and beyond and discover are the answer to the questions everyone wants to know…are we alone?