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S1 Course
In S1, all pupils will attend the Geography department for three periods on two six week rotas over the course of the first session. Pupils initially find out about “Earth Forces” and gain knowledge and understanding on how volcanoes and earthquakes occur throughout the world. On their second trip to the department they then look at the “Rainforest” visiting themes such as weather, people, destruction of the forest and its impact locally and globally. Over the course of the year all pupils are given the opportunity to visit “Dynamic Earth” and “Amazonia” to gain a greater understanding of the two topics covered in their first year Geography course.

Block 1 – Brazil and the Amazon Rainforest.
Block 2 – Earth Forces and the British Landscape.

You will get the opportunity to go on a trip to Amazonia at Christmas but due to limited places you’ll need to be quick to book your places.

You will achieve the following outcomes as you work through block 1.

The location and Climate of the Rainforest
I can investigate the relationship between climate and weather to be able to understand the causes of weather patterns within a selected climate zone.

The Structure and Animals of the Rainforest
I can investigate the climate, physical features and living things of a natural environment different from my own and explain their inter relationships.

Rainforest Destruction and Protection
I can identify the possible consequences of an environmental issue and make informed suggestions about ways to manage the impact

Living in Rio and the Amazon

By comparing settlement and economic activity in 2 contrasting landscapes , I can reach conclusions about how landscapes influence human activity.

S2 Course - Why Geography? [top]

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Progression in Geography
In S2 pupils are given the opportunity to choose up to two Social Subjects that they wish to consider studying to a greater extent.

In S2 and S3, all pupils attend the Geography Department for three periods every week. In S2 and S3 we look at both local and global issues. Globally, we look at global distribution of populations and how human activity is restricted in certain areas. Pupils then compare and contrast life in a developed country (Scotland) with a developing country (India). Continuing with a global theme we then move onto look at Earth Forces focussing predominantly on earthquakes and tsunami’s studying both how they occur and the effects they have both on people and the environment. Furthermore, we look at the Geography of Football gaining an understanding of why the English Premier League has many foreign players and how the game has changed into a global multi billion pound industry. Similarly, we take a trip to local Scottish Premier League team St. Mirren and gain an understanding of why they relocated to new premises in the last decade.

Welcome to Geography
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On a more local basis pupils get the opportunity to carry out a field study on the local Gryffe River collecting and analysing data as well as carrying out a glaciation trip to local sites showing features created by the last ice age, giving a solid grounding for their Added Value Unit which they must complete if they continue with the subject past S3. Similarly, we also look at how settlements build up focusing on the reasons why the growth of Glasgow has occurred. Moreover, we also look at how weather is recorded and what causes us to receive the type of weather we get in Scotland. Finally, all pupils work on map skills as an individual topic and linked through topics such as Glaciation, Rivers and Settlement.