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S2 Modern Studies Course - Why should you take Modern Studies?

Why did Bilal Abdullah and Kafeel Ahmed attempt to crash a Jeep Cherokee full of propane gas canisters into Glasgow Airport in June 2007?
Why is Glasgow the ‘knife capital' of Europe ?
Why do some people think Scotland be an independent country?
Why do 180 children out of every 1000 born in Angola die before their first birthday?
Why will China be more powerful than the USA in the next ten years?

These are some of the questions we will answer in MODERN STUDIES. Modern Studies is about the WORLD AROUND YOU and what is happening in it, whether it is terrorist attacks, people on the streets demonstrating or wars. It is also about PEOPLE - how they live and why their lives might be different from ours. We want to know WHY THINGS HAPPEN.

Studies you will explore lots of ISSUES in Scotland, Britain and the world. The topics you will study include:

1. Terrorism
2. Crime
3. China and the Far East
4. Democracy in the UK
5. Brazil
6. The Media
7. How people live
8. World events

Modern Studies Skills

By studying Modern Studies you will develop important skills which will help you in your future studies and your later life.
You will be able to: spot bias and exaggeration
find and collect information from lots of different sources
present your findings in many different ways including graphic displays, PowerPoint’s, presentations, blogs and tweets!

Modern Studies is an ACTIVE course. You will be:
  • investigating using classroom sources and the internet
  • working in partnership with other pupils
  • visiting places of interest
  • hearing from visiting speakers
  • debating and discussing
  • making short TV programmes and other types of presentations