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The Support for Learning department offers a range of classes, Math, English, SocialEyes (coping with autism), Lifestyles and leadership, and Personal Development Awards.

Teaching Staff
Mrs McNicol
Mrs Alexander
Mrs Beedie
Mr Coates

Non-Teaching Staff
Special Educational Needs Support

Elaine Brown Jackie Church Mary Currie
Angie Docherty Karen McKay Karen McVey
Nicky Reynolds Stephen Phillips Annette Trainer
Christina Williams

Maureen Hopkirk


Behavioural Support
Maxine Mitchell
Sharon Mackie
Liz McSwiggan

Andrea Duffy
Julie McGhee

S1 (National 2)
[top] Maths and English support classes.

We deliver a specialised curriculum programme aimed at improving our pupilsí literacy and numeracy skills in real life scenarios. Enabling every child to gain the knowledge and experience to confidently make influential decision on a wide range of events. This course is aimed at maximising every pupilsí potential and increasing their opportunity for success.

SocialEyes (coping with autism)
This course is run by specially trained teachers in how to deliver social skills to pupils struggling with autism/autistic traits. The course consists of 1 period per week and deals with a variety of factors such as anxiety, social interaction and reading body language.


BGE (S2/S3) National 2/3
[top] Maths and English support classes.
This is a continuation of the S3 course which has been specifically developed to enhance the achievement and learning of each individual at their present stage within their life.

PDA Award (Personal Development Award)
This course has been developed to increase confidence, teach critical skills needed throughout life which will lead to independence. From fire safety through to journey planning, this course opens a wide range of doors for pupils who are faced with barriers to learning.

S3 - PDA S4
[top] This course offers further links towards independent living and helps to equip pupils with the necessary tools needed to move on to a positive destination post school. This course covers three units: Independent living (bills, banks, jobs, taxes, etc). Respect in the community (a variety of talks from guest speakers such as the police, womenís aid etc). Self in the community (job applications, CV writing, interview technique, positive destinations)




Courses Covered

S1 - National 2

S2/S3 - National 2/3

S4 - National 4/5