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Everyone needs values to guide them through life. Without values we have no anchor, nothing on which to base our decisions and priorities. Of course, parents have a massive role to play here.
However, the teaching of values also has a role in school. A few years ago our S1 pupils undertook a comprehensive survey of people in school and even in public life to find out what they considered to be the most important values. From their responses the pupils drew up a list of the key values for Clydebank High School.

These values appear on posters around the school; they were the focus of 5 major chaplain-led assemblies 3 years ago; last year we are evaluated the work that we do, on the basis of these values. This year we will use them again as the focus of assemblies. These values are not just for show; we are keen that they should be at the very heart of everyone and everything at Clydebank High School.

How successful are we in ensuring that our pupils embody these values? Why not speak to some of the pupils (perhaps yourson’s/daughter’s friends?) and see? It seems to me that, as adults, we often focus on the negative side of the behaviour of a small number of pupils. Let’s look at the positive side of the majority! I am confident that our pupils will stand comparison with any others, anywhere! This positive view has been reinforced even further by the dignified & respectful way in which our young people have handled the recent loss of two of their friends.